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Hi Everyone!

It has been quite a while since I posted on this website.  I have been busy facilitating classes for seniors and also growing a new part-time business.  I have recently become a distributor with Young Living Essential Oils and this has become another part-time business.

Therapeutic grade essential oils are wonderful for body, mind and spirit.  I love using the oils, such as Frankincense and Lavender before going to sleep, as well as using Peppermint to help with an occasional headache and to energize me.  Please contact me if you would like further information about Young Living Essential Oils.  Seminars will be offered twice a month beginning in January 2015.  Here’s my email address to get in touch with me regarding the oils:  kimshealingoils@gmail.com

Happy Thanksgiving and Happy Holidays!!


Dance Your ‘Buts’ Off Workshop

Announcing the first Dance Your ‘Buts’ Off Workshop for 2014!

Date:  Saturday, May 3rd

Time:  10 to 11:30 am

Location:  YWCA-Santa Monica, 2019 14th St. Santa Monica 90405

Cost:  $25

Call Kim for more information:  310.849.4642 or email her: kimselbert@mac.com


Update on Dance Your ‘Buts’ Off class for Women

Here’s new information about my weekly DYBO class for women:  We will now meet, starting next Thursday, January 23rd from 11:15am to 12:15pm at the Venice Love Shack, 2121 Lincoln Blvd. (at Victoria Avenue).  Plenty of parking on the south side of Victoria Avenue starting at 11am since there’s street cleaning on that side from 9 to 11am.  I really like the room where the class is being held.  It’s called, Heart Space and has really nice energy, plus it’s bright with the one window on the side and there’s plenty of space, at least while we’re still a small group.

Update on Dance Your ‘Buts’ Off for Women

I am excited to announce that I’ll be starting a daytime class at a great space in Venice, called, the Venice Love Shack, 2121 Lincoln Blvd. 90291.  The yoga room is called Heart Space and it is located through the back of the art gallery at the Venice Love Shack.  The class begins this Thursday, January 9th and meets from 11am to 12noon.

The cost is $15 per class.  Looking forward to bringing in women who want to recognize their emotional and physical blocks and release them through music and movement.  It’s a great time to start since we are now into 2014.

Any questions?  Please email me:  kimselbert@mac.com  or call me:  310-849-4642


Dance Your ‘Buts’ Off is more than a dance class

Dance Your ‘Buts’ Off is more than a dance class.  In fact, it really isn’t a dance or fitness class but a movement class with a purpose.  The purpose of DYBO is to transform blocked energy (the ‘buts’) into energy in motion.  Through the process of recognizing, unraveling, releasing, restoring and rejoicing, women move blocked energy from their bodies in order to feel lighter, freer and more able to create new ways of being a woman.  This can mean different things for different women.  It might mean feeling more confident, less fearful, less sad, more powerful, etc.

What I love so much about DYBO is the way I feel when I am moving with other women and recognizing how movement changes not only the way we feel but also the way we look as women.  I feel more vibrant and alive when moving, especially with the intention of releasing what is no longer needed.

I have had such positive feedback about Dance Your ‘Buts’ Off from women who take other fitness or dance classes on a regular basis as well as from women who haven’t been moving their bodies in a long time.

I will be posting some photos and videos soon.

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