An update on Pursuing Happiness Documentary

Guess what?  The filmmakers were able to make the $50,000 through Kickstarter and I’m very happy for them.  They will now travel throughout the U.S. interviewing all those people who say they’re happy and find out what makes them happy and why.  By this time next year, they will have completed the film and I will have my own copy of the film on DVD.

Pursuing Happiness Documentary in the works

My friend, Edward Edebiri, who calls himself a Chief Happiness Officer, sent me a video that describes a project that has interested me (I am always interested in learning more about how to feel happier).

The website is:

It’s a four minute video and worth checking out.  If you saw, “I Am” this is along that line but the film maker is traveling throughout the U.S. and interviewing people who consider themselves to be very happy.

Today I decided to donate $35 toward the making of the documentary and encourage you to donate too, as they only have four more days to reach their goal of $50,000.

You can donate as little as $1 toward the film.  Just imagine if enough people donate a small amount, it could add up to the needed amount for them to continue traveling the U.S. to complete their film.  I watched three segments for the film and that was enough to convince me to make a donation.  Watch the segments and you decide for yourself.  Please watch the video that features Edwin Edebiri.

Wellbeing 2013 Health & Fitness Festival

The Wellbeing 2013 Health & Fitness Festival was a very well-organized and well-attended event.  There were always people around the booth, asking about Laughter Groove.  They loved the colorful foam visors and stickers that were handed out to families with children.  Many people commented about the handmade necklaces and seemed to enjoy them.  They were fun to make and I may be inspired to make more jewelry for Laughter Groove events.  This was the first of many events.  I really liked the energy of the festival.  I enjoyed the experience and look forward to more festivals where Laughter Groove can be showcased.

3 Simple Rules In Life

I saw this beautiful graphic and felt like sharing it with the world!
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